Code Talk with Matt & Steven
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Two friends sitting around talking about code and stuff.

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    New Developers

    The guys talk about what new developers can expect in todays landscape.

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    One Year Down!

    The guys look back on 2017 and look ahead for what's coming up in 2018.

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    Net Neutrality

    The guys discuss the importance of Net Neutrality

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    What We're Thankful For

    The guys are joined by their pal Craig Davis as they each tell what they're thankful for.

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    Naming Things

    The guys discuss naming things and reminisce about the old days of underscores in PHP.

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    Native vs "Web Tech" Apps

    Matt and Steven debate the benefits and drawbacks of native vs web-tech "native" applications

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    Design Patterns

    Matt and Steven discuss design patterns - which ones they use, love, and don't know anything about.

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    Matt and Steven discuss the ins and outs of building and consuming APIs.

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    Unit Testing

    A round table discussion about unit testing.

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    Visual Debt

    Matt and Steven discuss the recent controversy in the PHP community concerning "visual debt".

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    Surviving the Long Haul

    Catch up with Matt & Steven as they talk bugs, long projects, and their general distaste of Microsoft and the fall of Apple.

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    Who the hell are these guys?

    In the first episode of Matt & Steven, find out who they are and what they're doing here.

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